sexta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2010

Back to You - Ben Sharkey

Back to You - Ben Sharkey (New lyric)

It seems as though
I’ve traveled down this road before
familiar faces similar sounds and sights
It’s funny ‘cause
this path was behind a different door
Maybe this time I’ll finally get it right

Train whistles
Full steam ahead
I’ve been searching for a space
to finally rest my head
I pray that these tracks
will lead me back to you

If you wonder where I’ve been
I can’t point you in one direction
it’s not a map I’m traveling
If you ask me when I’m coming home
see I’m fighting for the answer
when I have it, I’ll make it known


no it doesn’t always have to be this way
even the sunniest skies
have had their fair share of grey
You know I don’t like to make you wait
So baby, don’t worry
I promise I won’t be
out too late


I pray that these tracks
will lead me

♫♥ღ ღ♥♫ ♫♥ღ ღ♥♫ ♫♥ღ ♫♥ღ ღ♥♫

Ben Sharkey é uma pessoa muito especial
e através das letras das músicas que ele escreve,
eu vejo a beleza da sua alma também!
A cada canção se revela, mais e mais
toda a sensibilidade e graça de alguém
que é INCOMPARÁVEL e Espetacular!
Grande talento em tudo que faz, assim é Ben
cantando , compondo ou pintando seus
Maravilhosos Quadros - OBRAS DE ARTE!
Claudia BN
(Manager Fan Club)