domingo, 4 de outubro de 2009

Leap of Faith - BEN SHARKEY

Leap of Faith

Lyric :

don't think i'm ready right now,
but I'm dying to show you how...
I can be so good for you!
I live on this cloud nine.
I come down from time to time.
my roots are planted deep in the ground

if you think there's room for doubt,
the music is in the air.
It lifts us up and spins us around.
Can't you see by our chemistry we'd be perfect?
Don't you think we deserve it?
Or do you believe they're just chemicals?
I can tell that the stars are involved in the making!
I am yours for the taking!
so won't you take this leap of faith with me?

Get along so very well,
and as far as I can tell,
these are the things that dreams are made of.

let your inhabitions go!
close your eyes and let love flow into the melody
of a symphony devine!

And... if you think there's room for doubt
the music's in the air.
lifts us up and spins us around!
So many people don't know love
they risk their hearts with a stranger
unaware of the danger
If I've learned a thing or two
since I've layed my eyes on you
I can say that I KNOW LOVE!!!!


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